The Sermon on the mount.

Tonight the promisd essay on The transition from judiaism to Christianity, that Jesus introduced in his sermon on the mount.   the Scriptures and the  teachings,jesus spoke  were from the Law code handed down to Moses  1500 years earlier. The Israelites were very familiar with these teachings.  weekly Synagogue meetings and weekly scripture readings, parents were diligently teaching their chrildren God’s laws and regulations on every aspect of jewish life The law also was their Government.  When jesus spoke they recognized what he was talking about  (You see this   just in the scriptures we’ve read already,) )Jesus would say  “you have heard , and then quote the  Law.  But then he would say  “But I say …and then add to or  say the opposite of what the law said. (Read those scriptures again ,, to verify what Jesus said ) Was Jesus oversteping his authority ?  no, he would  (over the next 3 years )prove  that he is the messiah and the SON OF GOD.  He would show it was time to move on beyond writen laws , And now wtite these laws in your Heart. Mature beyond laws,  to the law of LOVE, he taught if you live by love you are obeying GODS LAWS  and more fully then just the law code handed down to MOSES 1500 years earlier.  Jesus said the two greatest laws are LOVE God with your whole Heart, soul, and strength,,, And love your neighbors as yourselves.. On these two laws  Hang all the law and all the prophets.


When we begin our reading tomorrow we will read more of his statements expanding and ,,, yes lifting the law of Love , to a  a premier position, laying the groud work for Salvation for all mankind, through his love and sacrificial Death for  us to be forgiven and gain everlasting life in the KINGDOM OF GOD,


Agape love  Terry.

The sermon on the mount.

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Our reading of Matthew 5:40…..And who is taking you to court to take your coat (or for other reasons ) give to him also your cloak.   Literal or not ?


Be willing to strike a compromise, rather than to lose  much more.   By going to court( punative damages to consider)Of course if your innocent, Go  to court and clear your name.


Now for todays messiah Prophecy. ….Genesis26:2-5….The seed of Isaac promised as the redeemer (JESUS)…. Fulfillment ptophecy  Hegrews:11:18..

Keep in mind if you are using aBIBLE with cross references (at the bottom of the page  or  in the center of the page ..).then this will provide more information to support the prophecies. …agape love Terry.

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The Sermon on the mount.

Today’s reading of Matthew 5:38 is a well known known Scripture. You heard it was said, an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. A misunderstanding of this scripture. In Hebrew it means let your response to a wrong done to you, should be a measured response. Similar to Let the punishment fit the crime. Jesus was referring to the law code handed down to Moses. This law code contains the famous 10 Commandments. This same law code contains 613 laws and sacrifice procedures for the Isreleites and their priesthood. The ten commandments are found in the Book of EXODUS chapter 20:1-17. Also in. Deuteronomy5:1-22. The other 603 are in the entire book of Leviticus.

But I say to you resist the evil (the desire to pay back the injury or injustice done to you.) But rather forgive the offender . this is what Jesus meant in these words ….But rather whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn toward him the other.

This was quite a change from the law code! But Jesus was beginning to teach Christianity. AND CHANGE HEARTS. Now people would learn Christian, behavior. Some would make the changes to come, and Develop a christ like Personality. A explination essay will appear on tomorrows Blog. An explination from Bible scriptures, not me …It will probably take more than one day to present all that the Bible says on this dramatic change That Jesus begins at THE MOUNT OF OLIVES.. agape love. TERRY.

The sermon on the mount.

Tonight we start with Matthew 5 : 33…Again you heard that it was said to the ancients ( people of the past ) you shall not swear (an oath ) falsely, but you shall pay to the Lord your oaths.

Matthew 5 : 34….but I say to you, not to swear ( an oath) at all; neither by the Heavens, because it is the Throne of God.

Matthew 5 : 35….nor by the earth, because it is His footstool, nor by Jersulam, because it is a city of a great King.

MATTHEW 5 : 36….nor by your head may you swear, be cause you are not able one hair to make white or black;

MATTHEW 5 : 37……..but let you’re word be YES, YES and NO, NO…and that is more than these is of the evil.

How easy Jesus makes it for us to keep our word. Our word should be our Bond.

Now for today’s messiah Prophecy. ….Genesis 22:8 The Lamb of God (Jesus ) Fulfillment ptophecy John 1:29. The Promise of the Lamb fulfilled.

Sermon on the mount

Continueing our reading …Matthew 5 : 31. And it was said, that whoever may put away (divorce) his wife, let him give her a writing of divorce; MATTHEW 5:32….
.but I say to you, that whoever may put away ( divorce ) his wife, EXCEPT FOR THE MATTER OF ADULTRY does make her subject to adultry (if she marries again) and whoever may marry her does commit adultry.
Jesus is explaining No divorce is allowed ,, except for adultry, (cheating on your marriage partner)
If there has been adultry, they can divorce, without becoming guilty. Of sinning by getting remaried. Lets
stop there for tonight.. Reading this in modern english Translations, is much easier to understand.. strictly literal translations are difficult, because they follow the sentence structure of the original greek language. For schoraly consistency of thought. You can trust modern english translations.sholarly translations are very rigid so that scholars have a standard from which they can translate into many languages.

TONIGHTS MESSIAH PROPHECY…. Geneisi 21:12….. Fulfillment ptophecy Romans 9:7….This is the next person in the geneology of Jesus. God tells Abraham that Isaac is to be in the messianic lineage and not Abraham s son Ishmael (the first born ). God has the right to choose the lineage members . His foresight qualifies him to know who is best suited for this.Ishmael was the son of Abraham and Hager a servent girl. SARAH WAS the legal wife, and mother of Isaac. These standards were strictly maintained in most socities of that time and in many socities today .

Not so in most of the western world. Many western countries have decended into chaos because of the loss of CHRISTIAN standards. Thats why its so impottant to learn the STANDARDS JESUS TAUGHT IN THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT.

The Sermon on the mount.

Today our reading of Matthew contains some hyperbolic terms that linguistic explanation, and cultural knowledge is necessary to understand what we would consider “a bit much ” the people of those times used figurative and literal words , abstract thinking was considered a way to soften the message of great importance . Therefore weakening the strength of message. Jesus wanted this message strong !

Matthew 5 : 29….But if your right eye causes you to stumble (sin) pluck it out (not literal, see explanation above) for it is good to you , that one of your members may perish, and not your whole body be cast to gehenna.. this is an illustration, using literal words for emphasis.

Matthew 5 : 30…And if your right hand does cause you to stumble (sin) cut it off, ( again not literal. See explanation above ) for it is good that one of your members may perish, and not your whole body be cast into gehenna.

I encourage you to read these scriptures in your own Bible this is a non denomanatnal Translation. Agape love. Terry

TODAYS MESSIAH PROPHECY. Genesis 14 : 18,19,20 ,,,, Fulfillment Prophecy Matthew:26-29.
Extremely important prophecy, this was when Jesus and his Disciples were at the last supper. JESUS was to be a king and priest in Heaven. But first he had to die , and shed his Blood to wash away our sins. Between the prophecy and the fulfillment there was 1800 years.

The sermon on the mount

Continue in reading of the sermon of Jesus. Matthew 5 : 26…..

Surely I say to you, you may not come forth until you pay the last coin of small value.
Matthew 5 : 27…You heard it said “Thou shall not commit adultery.”

Matthew 5 : 27….But I say to you that any one looking at a women, to desire her, did already commit adultery with her in his Heart.

Notice, Jesus raises the law against adultery from being not only a law, But now a matter of Christian character. Christians must now obey not just because of possible punishment, but because they want to become a better person. Christianity is about being righteous. Remder verse 6 above …Those HUNGERING & THIRSTING for righteousness ? Those not Hungering and THIRSTING for righteousness , will have a spiritual malnutrition. We try to help people like that, Through Prayer.

Now for todays Messiah Prophecy….Genesis 14:18 ..The messiah would be apriest like Melchizedek , But also a King ,, Fulfillment Prophecy. ?.Hebrews 7:2..if your Bible has cross references, You can read and this will supply additional information to prove these prophecies. ….agape love

Post script..Visualizing your self sitting near Jesus on the mount ofolives, will make jesus real to us, He is then teaching us the same truths as then. Just a few verses a day to read these teachings, will bring you closer to Jesus and God. Just as tho we were with them all those years ago …Terry