Welcome to my website. This site is about the teachings of Jesus Christ.

With a different approach.   Not adoctrinal teaching site, but rather aget acquainted with the words of Jesus,site without interpretation.   each day new scripture s will be presented unfiltered or edited.  time is neede d too meditate on His word’s.   at apace conducive to appreciate , the benefits that contemplating  can bring.  the Scriptures will range from one or more to complete Hs thought and sence of it  Yes its different , not the frantic pace of modern life  agape love  Terry

Jesus on the mount of Olives

Young’s  literal  Translation  Matthew 5:1  And having seen  the multitudes He ( Jesus ) went up to the mount, and He having sat down, His disciples came to him, andhaving opened His mouth was teaching them saying….  picture Jesus in this setting. The crowds were in anticipation of  His  words.  tomorrow the 1st 4 statements of Jesus .if you feel that anticipation  I invite you to read in your BIBLE  his teachings . ?..see you tomorrow fellow BIBLE student  agape love, Terry

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