Continuing our reading from matthew 5:7 The sermon on the Mount.

Matthew5:7 Happy the KIND….Matthew5:8  Happy the clean in HEART….Matthew5:9  Happy the peace makers….Matthew5:10..Happy those persecuted for righteousness  sake….These are teasers I know,  WHY?.  Gods. Sacred pronouncements  teach us, throughh  his  son   Jesus  NOT ME……Personal Bible reading is a must  How else can weShow GOD  we are keenly interested?     Tomorrow  more from , the teaching of JESUS.

Prophecies of JESUS CHRIST and fulfillments

The Old Testament (Hebrew )  Scriptures, contain 280 prophecies of the Messiah Jesus that are fulfilled in the New Testament (Greek ) Scripturs.  Many people are unaware of this historic and unparalled record in there own Bibles.  starting  6/17/17  three prophesies per daywill be presented with scripture  references, in  old and new testaments  No  other histotical record of this nature, is known in secular or religious writings.   Fascinating knowledge awaits all who are inclined to want to know about our LORD  JESUS CHRIST.  agape love fellow Bible students.