The sermon on the mount.

Today we begin our reading  at  Matthew 5:19.   Whoever therefore  breaks one of these least commands and teachs men so, least he  will be called in  the  kingdom But whoever may do  and teach  them .he shall be called great in the kingdom….( Notice here Jesus is talking about someone  breaking a command and start teaching  something against Jesus’s  command.)

Matthew 5:20…. For I say to you , that if your righteousness  does not abound above that of the Pharisees , you may not enter into the kingdom,, (…Do not be made daydiscouraged,  righteousness is a work in progress )j. …..Matthew 5:21    >>>>>

You have heard  it said to the ancients  (people of the past )  thou shall not kill, whoever may kill, will answer to the court of Justice..


The sermon Jesus spoke , lays out the foundation standards of Righteousness for all people then and now .  Righteousness is a Goal . Some progress can  be made each day there will be  be setbacks, no one is perfect. We are forgiven, when we have heartfelt remorse, Praying to GOD the Father, in Jesus’s name and asking for forgiveness and strength from  GOD’S Holy Spirit .  yes its that easy .Pick your self up, dust your self off,  and continue making progress.   We don’t lose the the progress we’ve made, if we have a misstep,  we continue not start all over from the beginning.

Today’s Messiah Prophecy……Genesis 12:7….Promise to Abraham concerning Abraham and his decendents.  with  Jesus as the messiah when he became the Savior of Christians…..The  fulfillment Scripture….Galations, ( christians in Galatia.) Galations 3:15-16.  Paul explains that Christians are now the decendents of Abraham , Through their faith in Jesus.