The Sermon on the mount

This series of readings of 3 scriptures, per day are easy to folllw by clicking on the calendar dates beginning june 15th .,16…17 and so moving along the calender dates
Today’s reading begins in Matthew 5:22.
Every one who continues being angry with his brother without cause shall be in danger of judgement, and who says to his brother, a word of contempt, willbe accountable to higher court, whoever calls his brother “you despicable fool ” is in danger of the fire of Gehenna. (The city dump of sulphr fire in the valley of Hinnom, outside the East wall of Jerusalem. )
Matthew 5:23 If therefore you bring a gift to the alter. (Today would mean a
Prayer ) First be reconciled to your brother, and then bring your gift. (Prayer ).

Matthew 5:24 Be agreeing with your disputes with others, so that they don’t take you to court. And the judge finds against you.
Be sure to read these scriptures in your Bible.
Now for today’s messiah Prophecy and the fulfillment Scripture. Genesis 14:18…a priest like Melchizedek, fulfillment Scripture.Hebrews 6:20. More scriptures in your Bible S’s cross references (always on same page as the scripture. )…agape love Terry.

The purpose of this Blog.

The teachings of Jesus Christ are the establishment of Christianity. The Bible contains all the instructions for a successful Christian life.
In this Blog I invite you to read The Sermon on the , and learn the teachings that are contained in this the first and the longest discourse in the Bible

Also the prophecies of jesus the messiah prophesied in the old Testament. The fulfillment prophecies will be presented in the New Testament along with the old Testament Prophecies