The sermon on the mount

Continue in reading of the sermon of Jesus. Matthew 5 : 26…..

Surely I say to you, you may not come forth until you pay the last coin of small value.
Matthew 5 : 27…You heard it said “Thou shall not commit adultery.”

Matthew 5 : 27….But I say to you that any one looking at a women, to desire her, did already commit adultery with her in his Heart.

Notice, Jesus raises the law against adultery from being not only a law, But now a matter of Christian character. Christians must now obey not just because of possible punishment, but because they want to become a better person. Christianity is about being righteous. Remder verse 6 above …Those HUNGERING & THIRSTING for righteousness ? Those not Hungering and THIRSTING for righteousness , will have a spiritual malnutrition. We try to help people like that, Through Prayer.

Now for todays Messiah Prophecy….Genesis 14:18 ..The messiah would be apriest like Melchizedek , But also a King ,, Fulfillment Prophecy. ?.Hebrews 7:2..if your Bible has cross references, You can read and this will supply additional information to prove these prophecies. ….agape love

Post script..Visualizing your self sitting near Jesus on the mount ofolives, will make jesus real to us, He is then teaching us the same truths as then. Just a few verses a day to read these teachings, will bring you closer to Jesus and God. Just as tho we were with them all those years ago …Terry