Sermon on the mount

Continueing our reading …Matthew 5 : 31. And it was said, that whoever may put away (divorce) his wife, let him give her a writing of divorce; MATTHEW 5:32….
.but I say to you, that whoever may put away ( divorce ) his wife, EXCEPT FOR THE MATTER OF ADULTRY does make her subject to adultry (if she marries again) and whoever may marry her does commit adultry.
Jesus is explaining No divorce is allowed ,, except for adultry, (cheating on your marriage partner)
If there has been adultry, they can divorce, without becoming guilty. Of sinning by getting remaried. Lets
stop there for tonight.. Reading this in modern english Translations, is much easier to understand.. strictly literal translations are difficult, because they follow the sentence structure of the original greek language. For schoraly consistency of thought. You can trust modern english translations.sholarly translations are very rigid so that scholars have a standard from which they can translate into many languages.

TONIGHTS MESSIAH PROPHECY…. Geneisi 21:12….. Fulfillment ptophecy Romans 9:7….This is the next person in the geneology of Jesus. God tells Abraham that Isaac is to be in the messianic lineage and not Abraham s son Ishmael (the first born ). God has the right to choose the lineage members . His foresight qualifies him to know who is best suited for this.Ishmael was the son of Abraham and Hager a servent girl. SARAH WAS the legal wife, and mother of Isaac. These standards were strictly maintained in most socities of that time and in many socities today .

Not so in most of the western world. Many western countries have decended into chaos because of the loss of CHRISTIAN standards. Thats why its so impottant to learn the STANDARDS JESUS TAUGHT IN THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT.

Author: terryrel

Bible student for 57 years ...the words of jesus are needed more then ever before (in my 70 years )no interpretation by men needed , the words of JESUS are the simple truth !. MINISTER OF THE BIBLE 57 years. Knowledgeable in Biblical Hebrew & Greek. Pictographs, paleohebrew .modern Hebrew, presently translating Book of Isaiah ( Dead SeaScroll ), in paleo and pictographic script.

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