The sermon on the mount.

Tonight we start with Matthew 5 : 33…Again you heard that it was said to the ancients ( people of the past ) you shall not swear (an oath ) falsely, but you shall pay to the Lord your oaths.

Matthew 5 : 34….but I say to you, not to swear ( an oath) at all; neither by the Heavens, because it is the Throne of God.

Matthew 5 : 35….nor by the earth, because it is His footstool, nor by Jersulam, because it is a city of a great King.

MATTHEW 5 : 36….nor by your head may you swear, be cause you are not able one hair to make white or black;

MATTHEW 5 : 37……..but let you’re word be YES, YES and NO, NO…and that is more than these is of the evil.

How easy Jesus makes it for us to keep our word. Our word should be our Bond.

Now for today’s messiah Prophecy. ….Genesis 22:8 The Lamb of God (Jesus ) Fulfillment ptophecy John 1:29. The Promise of the Lamb fulfilled.