The Sermon on the mount.

Today’s reading of Matthew 5:38 is a well known known Scripture. You heard it was said, an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. A misunderstanding of this scripture. In Hebrew it means let your response to a wrong done to you, should be a measured response. Similar to Let the punishment fit the crime. Jesus was referring to the law code handed down to Moses. This law code contains the famous 10 Commandments. This same law code contains 613 laws and sacrifice procedures for the Isreleites and their priesthood. The ten commandments are found in the Book of EXODUS chapter 20:1-17. Also in. Deuteronomy5:1-22. The other 603 are in the entire book of Leviticus.

But I say to you resist the evil (the desire to pay back the injury or injustice done to you.) But rather forgive the offender . this is what Jesus meant in these words ….But rather whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn toward him the other.

This was quite a change from the law code! But Jesus was beginning to teach Christianity. AND CHANGE HEARTS. Now people would learn Christian, behavior. Some would make the changes to come, and Develop a christ like Personality. A explination essay will appear on tomorrows Blog. An explination from Bible scriptures, not me …It will probably take more than one day to present all that the Bible says on this dramatic change That Jesus begins at THE MOUNT OF OLIVES.. agape love. TERRY.