The sermon on the mount.

Had computer problems today.

Our reading of Matthew 5:40…..And who is taking you to court to take your coat (or for other reasons ) give to him also your cloak.   Literal or not ?


Be willing to strike a compromise, rather than to lose  much more.   By going to court( punative damages to consider)Of course if your innocent, Go  to court and clear your name.


Now for todays messiah Prophecy. ….Genesis26:2-5….The seed of Isaac promised as the redeemer (JESUS)…. Fulfillment ptophecy  Hegrews:11:18..

Keep in mind if you are using aBIBLE with cross references (at the bottom of the page  or  in the center of the page ..).then this will provide more information to support the prophecies. …agape love Terry.

Sorry no time to write essay on yesterday’s  Blog post, will write on the 30th.