The Sermon on the mount.

Tonight the promisd essay on The transition from judiaism to Christianity, that Jesus introduced in his sermon on the mount.   the Scriptures and the  teachings,jesus spoke  were from the Law code handed down to Moses  1500 years earlier. The Israelites were very familiar with these teachings.  weekly Synagogue meetings and weekly scripture readings, parents were diligently teaching their chrildren God’s laws and regulations on every aspect of jewish life The law also was their Government.  When jesus spoke they recognized what he was talking about  (You see this   just in the scriptures we’ve read already,) )Jesus would say  “you have heard , and then quote the  Law.  But then he would say  “But I say …and then add to or  say the opposite of what the law said. (Read those scriptures again ,, to verify what Jesus said ) Was Jesus oversteping his authority ?  no, he would  (over the next 3 years )prove  that he is the messiah and the SON OF GOD.  He would show it was time to move on beyond writen laws , And now wtite these laws in your Heart. Mature beyond laws,  to the law of LOVE, he taught if you live by love you are obeying GODS LAWS  and more fully then just the law code handed down to MOSES 1500 years earlier.  Jesus said the two greatest laws are LOVE God with your whole Heart, soul, and strength,,, And love your neighbors as yourselves.. On these two laws  Hang all the law and all the prophets.


When we begin our reading tomorrow we will read more of his statements expanding and ,,, yes lifting the law of Love , to a  a premier position, laying the groud work for Salvation for all mankind, through his love and sacrificial Death for  us to be forgiven and gain everlasting life in the KINGDOM OF GOD,


Agape love  Terry.