Proverbs wisdom for Life. Daily Series

The Proverbs of Solomon , King of Israel. Son of King David, , Wrote the Book of Proverbs Circa 800 B.C.E. to share the Wisdom bestowed on him  by God. (hereafter referred to the Hebrew God. YHWH )   The Israelites were the ancestors of  the Jews of the Israel of  Today.  Also  called  Hebrews .  The old Testament is The Hebrew Bible ,  And  all are   of the. Masoretic. Hebrew Texts….

      Refer to the  Preface of your. Bible….

Proverbs.  Chapter 1: 1-4.         The Proverbs of Solomon,  the son of David ,  Solomon was the King of Israel.  2, for one to know wisdom, ans discipline, to discern the  sayings of understanding. 3 to receive the teachings  that give insight, righteousness and judgement and uprightness, to give to the inexperienced one caution, to a young person knowledge and thinking ability.

what wonderful gifts , to aid us in making the beneful decisions , that protect us from the consequences of learning the hard way.

Beginning   August 1st. ………………Agape love Terry. 

The sermon on the mount. 

Today completes  The Sermon on the mount,   spoken  by Jesus early in his ministry.  These 3 chapters,  of Matthew 5,6,7,  that have been presented on this site,  are available in the Archives,    Enjoy reading them of course in your Bible.    Just a reminder that these are the words of the son of GOD.  Not a politician, or a teacher, or psychological  opinions, ………….Terry.

Matthew 7:24-27.     Therefore everyone that here’s these sayings of mine and DOES  THEM. Will be likened to a discreet person, who built  a house upon a rock foundation.   25- And the rain came , and the floods came, and the wind blew and  pounded against the house, but it did Not callapse.  Because it had been built on a solid foundation.      26- Furthermore everyone hearing these words I speak,   And not DOING them , is like a foolish person, who built a house on Sand.  And the Rain came, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and  pounded against the house , and the house caved in.  And its collapse was GREAT…… ( Do we get the meaning ?  We need not answer anyone,   but ourselves )      Agape love Terry. 

The sermon on the mount

The sermon on the mount,   is the  longest,  and the very first discourse,  delivered by Jesus,  to the people of Palestine.    Here Jesus. Lays out the very fundamentals of , what will become Christianity.  The Archives on this site contain  Matthew. Chapters 5,6. and part of chapter 7.   Soon to be completed.    Studying  Jesus’s. Talk,  will appeal to most people,   and will agree with teachings.    But we must make the time.   These are the same teachings   in  GOD’S sacred pronoucements ln the Bible.      Enjoy. These 3 chapters,   and learn. From Jesus, the best way of life.
Matthew 7:21-23.  Not everyone saying to me LORD, LORD, will enter into the kingdom of God, but the one DOING the  WILL OF GOD, who is in the Heavens will.   Many will say to me,  LORD, LORD, did we not Prophecy in your name, and expel demons in your name and perform powerful works in your name.  And yet I will confess to them, GET AWAY FROM   I never knew you ! Get away from me your workers of lawlessness !
TODAYS MESSIAH PROPHECY.  Prophecy. ……..Deuteronomy  18: 14-19.         Verified by Jesus  himself.   JOHN: 6:14………JOHN 5:45-47……..JOHN 8:28,29………JOHN 12:15.

Matthew 7 : 13,14.

Go in through the narrow gate, because broad and spacious is the road to destruction and many are  the ones on it. 14…whereas narrow is the gate and cramped the road leading  into life, and FEW are the ones finding it.

todays. Messiah Prophecy. ………..

Numbers:24-17.   The star out of Jacob,   Matthew 2:2……Luke 1:33………..Revelation:22-16.

The sermon on the mount. 

Jesus continues to teach the crowd, gathered on the mount of olives.  He realizes some will benefit themselves, from the information , Jesus is sharing.  The words he speaks are from his Father in Heaven, and rightfully credits Him on another occasion.  He also knows , Satan, has ” Biinded the minds of the unbelievers, so that the glorious Good News of the kingdom, will not shine through”   His last instructions 3 years later to his disciples. Was .  …………….Recorded at. Matthew 24: 14.

Todays. Reading.        Matthew 7:12….  This is how we say!. English sentence structure,   Treat people the way you want them , to treat you .          For  a direct quote,   read this in your Bible.   Jesus goes on to explain,   this in fact is what the Law and the Prophets mean.               All of the law covenant 612 laws, and all the  Prophets. Over 70,    were used to bring people to this principle of. BEHAVIOR.   There are some people that practice this in their lives,  I know this to be true,  I know them,  and whats more I. Know me.      Others can learn,   surely you heard of   the singer  of the song.  IMAGINE.  in my opinion, he knew.   If more learn , one day we wont have to. IMAGINE.

The sermon on the mount. 

Matthew  7:9,10,11.

And what man of you, if your son , asks for bread. ! Will give a him a rock? Verse 10.  And if  a fish, will you give him a  snake.  Verse 11..there fore you being a sinner know how to, give goods to your chrildren, how much your Father in Heaven, will give you good things to those asking him.

Todays Messiah Prophecy. ?..Numbers 24:8. Mary and Joseph flee to Egypt.  With. Jesus.  Matthew 2:14.