The sermon on the mount series

Let me begin  July with a genuine THANK YOU ,  My blog had over 400 views, and an encouraging number of visitors.   The blog is only 2 weeks old.  Bible lovers are blessed with knowing that the Bible is the only  BOOK where one can read the words of JESUS , from 2000 years ago.  All the other books available are other people writeing about Jesus for Ptofit.  I am just a disciple of Jesus.  I do not want your money.  just want to share God’s Sacred Pronouncements..


Now for today’s reading of the Sermon on the mount.

Matthew5:41…And whoever impresses you one mile, go with him two miles….Here’s Jesus  teaching to do more willingly  ,do more than whats required.  Each one can choose how much, and under  what circumstances.   The law of love doesn’t require ridged rules.  No one else should judge you , as to what YOU are doing from the Heart.

To him asking of you do not turn away ( but rather what you can do ,, its YOUR decision.the same PRINCIPLE not  a written law.  Using our free will and christian love, is the guiding principle.


Todays Messiah Prophecy.   Genesis 49:10 The time of the Messiahs arrival….The fulfillment Scripture,   Luke2:1-7  and Galations4:4..   the 280 prophesies that we will read  in this series (at one a day)  wiil take about 9 months.  But think about this its was over 3000 years to fulfill them .  Why so long ?  Gods timing  is 1000 years = a day,  not  really such a long time for Him.  Also, It shows that  GOD is doing this not humans .

Agape love Terry.