The sermon on the mount.

Last time we talked about Jesus having authority to raise the standards of the Law code, handed down to Moses,  at Mt Siani , and its purpose to govern GODS people he freed from Egypt.  This Law code, served the Israelites well, for 1500 years.  When the time  arrived for the messiah  (JESUS ) to free the Israelites from the  Law code, (Because the Pharisees  had added many yes many new laws, rules requirements, ) It became burdensome and impossible to obey all those new requirements.  Jesus was now teaching a Better way to live and please GOD . LOVE for God and neighbors. .CHRISTAINATY.

Now for tonights reading of the Sermon on the mount. ?.Matthew 5 : 43..Jesus speaks. ? Yiu heard it said; You shall love your neighbors,  And you should Hate tour enemy.

Matthew 5 : 44..But I say to you Love your enemies. Bless thosebcursing good to those hateing you.and pray for accusing you falsely, and  persecuting you.

Can you imagine the shock that went through that crowd. This carpenter was changing what the Law stated for 1500 years.  Where did he get the right and authority to be so BOLD . Over the next 3 years he will prove where he acquired the right and authority to change the Laws of Israel !

Now for todays Messiah Prophecy.  Genesis 49:10 The seed of Judah. .Luke3:23 these prophecies And Geneology of the Messiah  are critical to prove to the  that Jesus really the Messiah. The Pharisees were educated about these prophesies and complete geneology of the coming messiah  Those Geneology lists  are still in our Bibles Today!  agape love. Terry