The sermon on the mount. 

Today we continue reading  The discourse of Jesus,  having finished matthew  chapter 5 , last evening.  Begining chapter 6:1.  Take care not to practice your righteousness in front of people, so as t o be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father in Heaven.  WHY ? some people want to make. A public display of their donations, or charities, or Good works.   To receive praise from men.  These same good can without public noteriaty.  Your Father in Heaven , can read our Hearts and motives.  We can’t. Fool him.
Now for todays messiah Prophecy ….Genesis 49:10…Abrahams grandson,  Jacob prophesies about the Messiah JESUS , cira 1500 B.C.E. …….Prophecy fulfillment scriptures . .Isaiah 9:6……Ezekiel 21:27…..Luke 1:32….Hebrews 7:14.    These are crucial  scripture csoncerning The evidence That Jesus is the Messiah. God’s son  sent to provide forgiveness of sins, and the promise of everlasting life , for repentent ones.