The Sermon on the mount. 

Matthew 6:2..whenever you do kindness, do not sound a trumpet before you like the hypocrite does, in the church, and in the street, that they may have glory But I say to you, they have their reward, ,, from men. from men.

Matthew 6:3..But you doing kindness, let not your left hand know what your right hand does. (a Hebrew idiom, or slogan)

Matthew 6:4   that your kindness may be done in secret, and  your Father who is seeing in secret, Himself will reward you abundantly. 

Now for todays Messiah Prophecy.  Psalms #2 complete…….Daniel 9:26….Isaih chapter 53, complete.  Now fulfillment Prophecy. ?..John 11:45-53.   His enemies the Pharisees plot to kill Jesus. !,,, agape love Terry.