The sermon on the mount.

Matthew 6 : 5….And when you pray. Do not be as the hypocrites, because they love to pray where they are seen by men. And I say they have their reward. ? (From men)


Matthew 6 : 6….But when you pray go into your private room, and having shut the door. Pray to your father in secret, and your Father who is seeing in secret, shall reward you abundantly.

Now for todays messiah Prophecy.   Exodus 12:5…Jesus prefigured by the unblemished lamb at the 1st Passover in Egypt,  The night the Egyptian 1st born where put to death by the 10 plague….Fulfillment ptophecy. ?. 1st. Peter 1:5   Jesus as the Lamb of  God.   Your Bible should have more cross reference scriptures to support this prophecy.   keep in mind 280 prophesies recorded in the Bible.  That Jesus. Fulfilled  , we all should be impressed by the scope of these prophecies  recorded  for us. and   to know how far reaching they are, How very important they are,   agape love Terry.