The sermon on the mount. 

Matthew 6:7. And do not use vain repetitions like the people of the Nations, for they think  by doing this they will be heard.

Matthew 6 : 8.  Do not be like them, for your Father in Heaven  knows that you need these things even before you  ask him.

Now for todays messiah Prophecy.       christ is our  Passover.   Exodus 12: 1-14…..Fulfillment   Scriptures….1st. Thessalonians 1:10…..Ephesions 1:7….1st corinthians 5:7….John 1:29…

This is one of the most important  messiah Prophecies  we can learn…God preserved this information for us.  This is his way of teaching, those people who are hungering and thirsting  and Praying for his Kingdom, here on earth.   Agape love. Terry.