The sermon on the mount. 

Matthew 6:9-13.       THE LORDS PRAYER.          After Jesus explained how many people when praying repeat the same words over and over , thinking this will improve their chances of getting a hearing,  and get a yes for their prayer.   He says your Father already knows what you need.   That doesn’t mean you will always get what you want.  Some people read prayers that were written by someone else.  And reading them over and over again will get a favorable response.    But Jesus taught us how to pray, and yet some people still say that prayer word for word,  over and over again ,   The lesson Jesus was teaching was talk to God from your Heart,  talk to him, not recite to him.  Speak your words, your feelings, your fears your thanks , your hopes and anything you want to say.    The lords Prayer is an example of Prayer, not  a mantra.    Here’s were you can find it. Matthew 6:1-13.   Agape love Terry.