The sermon on the mount. 

Jesus begins his next important jewel of instructions saying. forgive men their sins against you, Your father in the Heavens will forgive your sins against HIM.    But if you do not forgive men their sins , neither will your Father forgive your sin against  HIM .  There’s no  negotiating,  this. Jesus means this for all of us.

Above scriptures are Matthew 6:14&15.

Now is a good time to visualize. Being on the Mount with the crowd  around Jesus.  Look at his face, Jesus is kind and tactful , and also serious about what his Father  taught  him to say.  We will Not be forgiven by God, if we can’t forgive people.   Very few things today are this certain, we must tho accept Gods word as certain .

Now for todays messiah Prophecy.    Exodus 12:46……….Fulfillment Scriptures. John 19:32-36……Describing. more things concerning. Jesus as the Lamb of God.