The sermon on the mount. 

Lets read  Matthew 6:19,20.   Stop storing up for yourselves , on the earth, treasures that moths and rust destroy. And where thieves break in and steal.  

Rather store up treasures in Heaven, where neither moth or rust can destroy.and where thieves can not break in and steal.

Matthew 6:21…For where your treasure is, there your HEART will be also.

What are the treasures we can store up in Heaven ?     A good name with  GOD,  A personal relationship with GOD.   A fine record of mercy, good works, generosity,  Genuine  and willing obediance to the commands and christian standards that. Jesus  taught.   Shunning. Hypocrisy,  Reading the. Bible, witnessing, and Disciple making.     And.  PRAYER.  And more.
Todays  Messiah Prophecy.     God  had  Bible writers record 280. Prophecies, about his son Jesus.  Some people show little or no interest in  this proof of  Jesus and his  Violent Death.   But there are some who appreciate his sacrifice to save those who love him,  They also want to know how GOD  worked these prophecies to fulfillment.   4000 thousand  years,  39 books written containing these prophecies, more then 60 prophets during 4000 years,  many ridiculed, tortured, murdered, to silence them.  Today and for years people have ignored. . what GOD has done for Humans .   He knew they would.   He said people will become lovers of pleasures,  rather than lovers of GOD.  The road to life is narrow and cramped and few are the ones on it.  The road to destruction is broad and spacious, and many are on it.   To the people who hunger and thirst for righteousness,  and pray for Gods kingdom on earth, show gratitude for the ,  opportunity to live in a paradise that Adan and Eve rejected so as to go their own way. We have that same choice.  But Jesus said “My sheep know me, and they obey my voice.