The sermon on the mount

In.  Matthew 6: 22,23. Jesus points out our happiness depends on us.  We have free will, yes many people have a more difficult life than others.  .Somestimes far worse than others. But we must make a concerted effort not to turn bitter and fall into serious wrong doing,  and even crime and drugs.  These words of  Jesus can help. The light of the  body is the eye. If your eye is innocent all the body shall be bright.,,,,, Matthew 6 :23..But if your eye is is evil, all the body shall be dark. And oh how GREAT that darkness is.  This isn’t a hopeless condition,  we can turn around and start making better decisions, and turn to doing good.  How?  sincere Prayer.  God will answer you, and you’ll know it.


Todays Messiah Prophecy.   Exodus 17:16 ,,,, Fulfillment Prophecy Luke 2:1-24.

Agape love, Terry.