The sermon on the mount. 

Matthew6:24..No one is able to serve two masters, for either he will hate the one, and love the other, or be loyal to the one, and despise the other , you are not able to serve God and slave for riches.

Matthew 6 : 25…Because of this I say, do not be anxious for the things of life. What will we eat, what will we drink, what will we wear ?  Is not life more than food or drink or clothing ?

Look to the birds in the sky, for they do not plant crops or hsrvest, to store up food.and your Heavenly Father feeds them , Are you not worth more than many birds ?  

Jesus also taught , Be content with ( food for the day )  and covering.     Many people , have many things , and a good life.  Without  chasing the dollar, and. Materialism.   Because we live in a country where we can just work our jobs, and can have a good life.  I don’t know anyone that is a greedy  person.  Probably you don’t either.  Some people tho want more and more and more.  This is what Jesus is talking about .  Excessive and never content.  They want fame and fortune.    And that’s their choise, but Jesus is saying , you can’t be like  that, and put God and spirituality first.  

Now todays messiah Prophecy. ….Leviticus 16:15-17………Atonement day in Israel,  yearly.  Prefigured , The final Atonement of Jesus. When he suffered Death, to save mankind.  His Atonement is once for all time.

The Daughter of Jephthah

This Bible account takes us back to the period of the Judges. 1450 to 1120 BCE.  Jephthah was a judge in Israel, when each man did according to his own way of thinking,,   Now this doesn’t mean they were lawless or Barbaric.  They had the law covenant and obeyed those requirements of a civilized nation.  But they were free from  Government micro management.    Good common sence and fair play, keeping their word , much like America used to Be.  Jephthah was faced with a foreign and formidable enemy Army.  He knew he and his army were no match  against  the Ammonites.  He should have faith that YHWH. (  The  God of  Israel ) can assure their victory,  using a similar battle plan, that was successful before.  It seems. Jephthah had faith, but needed additional assurance by making  a vow to YHWH.  His vow was that  if indeed  there was a vicyory for Israel. He would dedicate who ever came out of his house (when he got home ) that person  would forfeit marriage and serve at  the tent of meeting in YHWH’S sacred service.   For Life.,,,   His young daughter came out first,  and Jephthah was crushed and realized his vow COULD NOT be reversed.  Was it rash to make such a vow ?  I personally can’t judge this.  Vows are completely voluntary.   But the Bible  warns ,what you vow , pay.  Do not beg off.   People knew this and obeyed  ( BACK  THEN )  this was known ,, this was  an unbreakable commitment.   To  GOD.    Jephthah s. Daughter,   realized  , her Dad had to  keep his word,  YHWH had given.  Jephthah.  the victory.  Now Jephthah had to send his daughter to sacred service at the sanctuary in Shiloh  .She and her female friends spent 2 months together  in the mountains , before leaving for Shiloh. Each year  the daughters of  Israel would visit her in Shiloh,  4 days.