The Sermon on the mount. 

Matthew6:30.  But if God Clothes the flowers of the field , which today is alive, and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you ?

Matthew 6:31,  Therefore do not be anzious , saying  ” what shall we eat ” or “what shall we drink ? or what shall we wear ? Matthew 6:32  The unbelievers seek all these things, and your heavenly Father knows you need these things even before you ask him .

Matthew 6:33

But seek FIRST his kingdom,  and his  righteousness, and all these will be yours as well.

Matthew 6:34..Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow,  for tomorrow,  and every  day will have its own trouble.

Notice Jesus  saying. “Seek the kingdom first ”  in other words. Put spiritual  things first.  How ?  Read again from the begining of the sermon on the mount.   Starting at. Matthew  5:1.  This tells us how . Also become righteous,   by obeying  the instructions in this Sermon on the mount.   Turn away from bad and start doing good.    Pray  every day ,  take action to change your  ways and thoughts.   If you take a step backwards, take 3 steps forward.    Jesus’s words are enough to give you a good start,  I’ll pray for you to!    Agape love Terry.