The sermon on the mount. 

Matthew 7:1. Judge not , that you may not be Judged.

Matthew 7:2, for with the Judgement you Judge, you will be Judged.  and in what measure you measure, it shall be measured to you.
Fairness and Equality. Are something all people want for themselves.  The question is will they practice the same for someone else.  Jesus. Will be Judging all people,  He knows if we followed the same standard for ourselves,  but not for others

Today’s. Messiah Prophecy.     280. Prophecies,  supplied. to people by  GOD.    There is no other person or Book that can come anywhere near that number.   And recorded by God’s.  Prophets, over 3,000 years. And then provided proof for that.   For the most important reason to save Humans. To save your life.  And mine.

Exodus 15:  His character of Holiness. Luke 1:35,,,, Acts 4:27.