The Sermon on the mount. 

Jesus’s  first and longest discourse of His 3 years in the ministry.  And presents his most comprehensive qualities necessary for his christain believes. 

Matthew 7: 7-9.  Keep on asking, and it will be given you:  keep on seeking, and you will find;  keep on knocking , and it will be open to you.        What is Jesus.   Talking about ?  What is it we should  be asking for ? Reading  chapters. 5 &6. of. Matthew,   will answer that.    The archives. On the side bar,  have those chapters , in 2 verses per day.    Starting at the beginning of this series. 

Messiah. Prophecies number about 280. In the old Testament,    Jesus. Fulfilled all of them !!!    You can read these in the archive  pages.   This is a daily series,   1 prophecy per day.

Today’s  Messiah Prophecy.     Leviticus 16:27  suffering out side the camp, fulfillment. Matthew 27:33……..Hebrews:13:11,12. Jesus suffered outside the walls of  Jerusalem,