The sermon on the mount

The sermon on the mount,   is the  longest,  and the very first discourse,  delivered by Jesus,  to the people of Palestine.    Here Jesus. Lays out the very fundamentals of , what will become Christianity.  The Archives on this site contain  Matthew. Chapters 5,6. and part of chapter 7.   Soon to be completed.    Studying  Jesus’s. Talk,  will appeal to most people,   and will agree with teachings.    But we must make the time.   These are the same teachings   in  GOD’S sacred pronoucements ln the Bible.      Enjoy. These 3 chapters,   and learn. From Jesus, the best way of life.
Matthew 7:21-23.  Not everyone saying to me LORD, LORD, will enter into the kingdom of God, but the one DOING the  WILL OF GOD, who is in the Heavens will.   Many will say to me,  LORD, LORD, did we not Prophecy in your name, and expel demons in your name and perform powerful works in your name.  And yet I will confess to them, GET AWAY FROM   I never knew you ! Get away from me your workers of lawlessness !
TODAYS MESSIAH PROPHECY.  Prophecy. ……..Deuteronomy  18: 14-19.         Verified by Jesus  himself.   JOHN: 6:14………JOHN 5:45-47……..JOHN 8:28,29………JOHN 12:15.