The sermon on the mount. 

Today completes  The Sermon on the mount,   spoken  by Jesus early in his ministry.  These 3 chapters,  of Matthew 5,6,7,  that have been presented on this site,  are available in the Archives,    Enjoy reading them of course in your Bible.    Just a reminder that these are the words of the son of GOD.  Not a politician, or a teacher, or psychological  opinions, ………….Terry.

Matthew 7:24-27.     Therefore everyone that here’s these sayings of mine and DOES  THEM. Will be likened to a discreet person, who built  a house upon a rock foundation.   25- And the rain came , and the floods came, and the wind blew and  pounded against the house, but it did Not callapse.  Because it had been built on a solid foundation.      26- Furthermore everyone hearing these words I speak,   And not DOING them , is like a foolish person, who built a house on Sand.  And the Rain came, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and  pounded against the house , and the house caved in.  And its collapse was GREAT…… ( Do we get the meaning ?  We need not answer anyone,   but ourselves )      Agape love Terry.