Proverbs wisdom for Life. Daily Series

The Proverbs of Solomon , King of Israel. Son of King David, , Wrote the Book of Proverbs Circa 800 B.C.E. to share the Wisdom bestowed on him  by God. (hereafter referred to the Hebrew God. YHWH )   The Israelites were the ancestors of  the Jews of the Israel of  Today.  Also  called  Hebrews .  The old Testament is The Hebrew Bible ,  And  all are   of the. Masoretic. Hebrew Texts….

      Refer to the  Preface of your. Bible….

Proverbs.  Chapter 1: 1-4.         The Proverbs of Solomon,  the son of David ,  Solomon was the King of Israel.  2, for one to know wisdom, ans discipline, to discern the  sayings of understanding. 3 to receive the teachings  that give insight, righteousness and judgement and uprightness, to give to the inexperienced one caution, to a young person knowledge and thinking ability.

what wonderful gifts , to aid us in making the beneful decisions , that protect us from the consequences of learning the hard way.

Beginning   August 1st. ………………Agape love Terry.