Proverbs wisdom for Life. 

So many young people need a good father,  women as mothers are raising their chrildren without any help from the man that fathered the child but in many cases abandon the family, and by doing so place the chrildren on a path of psychological and dysfunctional  personality traits that place a crushing burden  on them for life……….

  • God HAS provided  himself as Father to all who have no earthly Father.  And says so in his sacred pronoucements in the Bible.   But many people do not even consider looking into spiritually as a realistic solution.   I personally don’t understand that.  But 57 years in the ministry , leaves no doubt , this is the case.
  • But those of us who do the ministry will not stop , declaring to all people  the message of God to mankind.
  • Proverbs  1:20&21 states   True wisdom itself keeps crying aloud in the very streets.  In the public squares,  it keeps  raising  its voice. At the upper end of the noisy streets it calls out. At the entrance to the cities it speaks wisdom.        The solution to the fatherless chrildren, has great success, for those ones who make the effort to find out if this could actually  work.   The Bible isn’t a video game , or movie , or a sport, its a book,  And to read any book takes personal effort on our part.  This series isn’t entertainment, its our Heavenly Father , being a Father to all that read, and learn what our Father, is teaching us.

Agape love Terry.