Proverbs Wisdom

I was on a health sabbatical for many months. well enough now to begin the presentation of the Book of Proverbs .    As before I encourage readers to refer to the Bible of your choice.   Lets begin with Proverbs chapter 3,as we already  have the                  first 2 chapters posted on this site.

Proverbs  3:1.      My son,do not forget my teachings.    and may your heart observe my  commandments.  2, Because they will    add many days and years of life and  peace to you.3,Do not let your loyal love and faithfulness leave you. Tie them around your neck;Write them on the tablet of your heart. 4,Then you will find favor and good insight,in the eyes of God.

The Wisdom of Proverbs was written (circa) 2600 years ago.  Yet the advice is valid and  applicable, perhaps more so now then in any time in the course of the past 2600 years.   That statement may to some be an exaggeration . But to those people with knowledge of human history and experiencing the past 70 years ,keenly watching the dramatic deterioration of the fundamental systems of civilization.  The Proverbs of wisdom,are the best advice available in our times.     T L Shuff