The Sermon on the Mount.

Matthew ch.5:1-10; When he saw the crowds,he went up on the mountain;and after he sat down,his disciples came to him. 2; Then he began teaching them.3; Happy are those aware of their spiritual need,since the kingdom of the heavens belongs to them. 4; Happy are those who mourn,since they will be comforted.5; Happy are the mild tempered,since they will inherit the earth.6; Happy are those hungering and thirsting for righteousness since they will be filled.7; Happy are the merciful,since they will be shown mercy.8; Happy are the pure in heart,since they will see God.9; Happy are the peace makers,since they will be called God’s sons.10; Happy are those persecuted for righteousness sake,since the Kingdom of the Heavens belong’s to them……Thus begins the sermon on the mount. This sermon is the longest (recorded) of the discourses Jesus delivered, teaching the fundamental standards for all who would become his disciples. I encourage all to read this sermon in your Bible,so as to hear these words of Jesus in your sacred pronouncements of God,,The Holy Bible…..T L Shuff