Proverbs Wisdom

Proverbs 11:2-8; When arrogance comes.disgrace results, Bur wisdom is with the modest ones’ 3; The integrity of the upright is what guides them.But the deceitfulness of the disloyal ones will destroy them.4; Money will be of no help,on the day of rage,But righteousness is what will rescue from death.5;The righteousness of the innocent one makes his path straight.But the wicked one will fail,because of his own wickedness.6; The righteousness of the honorable ones will rescue them.But the treacherous will be trapped by their own desires.7; When a wicked person dies.their hope perishes.And their hopes and plans,and trusting in their own power will perish with them.8: The righteous one is rescued from distress.Then the wicked one takes his place.