Wisdom Proverbs.

Proverbs:14;15-22; The naive person believes every word,But the shrewd one ponders each statement. 16; The wise one is cautious,and turns away from evil,But the stupid one is reckless…..and over confident.17; The one that is quick to anger.will act foolishly,but the man who thinks things through’is hated. 18; The naive will inherit foolishness,but the shrewd will be crowned with knowledge. 19; Bad people will have to bow down to good people,And the wicked will bow down at the gates of the righteous. 20; The poor man is hated by his neighbors,but many are the friends of the rich person. 21; The one who despises his neighbor is sinning.but the one showing compassion to the lowly is happy. 22; Will not those who plan evil not go astray,but those intent on doing good,will receive loyal love and faithfulness.