The prophets a series #7. Asaph…..&  Azariah….#8.

The history of the bible

There are 4 Asaphs in the Bible, One served as a Prophet, in a very unique way. First as a singer (cantor) and cymbals player. Later he served as the Tabernacle music director, orchestral. And choral. His assistants were, Herman and. Ethan. He was considered a visionary, who did prophesying.with the Harp. He was a son of Levi through Gershom. ( I wonder if he is an ancestor of George & Ira. Gershwyn…also renouned in The Music world ? ) Asaphs sons continued to form a special. group , in the orchestral and choral music.At the inauguration of the Temple, they had a prominent role. Also bringing the Ark of the coavanent from Zion to the Temple. Asaphs. Decendents continued to play aprimary role in sacred service. Such as the annual Passover, during King. Hezekiahs. reforms, The return from Babylon, and more.
Azariah..the. Prophet, There are 27. Men named. Azariah…

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The prophets a series #3 Abraham

The history of the bible

The recorded account of  Abraham is 13 chapters of the book of. Genesis.   Chosen by YHWH to be the Father of the Nation of Israel.  Begining a 2900 year journey to the Birth of the  Messiah JESUS CHRIST.   Icould hardly do justice to this recorded historical account in a Blog Post.  I encourage all to read Genesis chapters 12 thru 25, in the BIBLE of your choosing.  This establishes the foundation of the geneology of Jesus. We can be so thankful that GOD has preserved this sacred information,  of how GOD broight us to his son Jesus.   agape love  Terry.

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Poetry of T L SHUFF

Poetry of TL SHUFF

No Plans,

In the closing hours of Day,

When fools make plans

And others Pray.

Thoughts of you tresspassed upon, ………………

The passage of day since early dawn.

flames of loss anew are lit,

Rekindling fires. Of loneliness.

Consumes. The. framework built anew

To force this fool. to face the truth,

There are No Plans , since I. lost you.


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