Poetry of TL SHUFF

  • Trusting and Guileless
  • These chrildren of the soil;
  • And wisdom innocence
  • Unknown in
  • foreign world
  • One with Nature, Earth and Sky,
  • Of spirt and of flesh,
  • We never saw, their civility;
  • Not even at our Best:
  • Now we reap the Harvest
  • Nows the time to pay;
  • Now we SEE. our deeds fruition
  • The white man’s Lost. his way.


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Author: terryrel

Bible student for 57 years ...the words of jesus are needed more then ever before (in my 70 years )no interpretation by men needed , the words of JESUS are the simple truth !. MINISTER OF THE BIBLE 57 years. Knowledgeable in Biblical Hebrew & Greek. Pictographs, paleohebrew .modern Hebrew, presently translating Book of Isaiah ( Dead SeaScroll ), in paleo and pictographic script.

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