Lets plck up our reading of The Sermon on the mount.

Matthew 5:10.   Happy those persuaded for righteousness sake because theirs is …..Happy are you whenever they repeoach you and may persucate and say any evil thing against you falisly for my sake….Matthew 5:11…)). Matthew 5:12Rejoice and be glad . Because your reward is great in the Kingdom, for thus did they did  persecute the prophets who were before you..,,, Jesus here in these 3 verses,  Changes the message to a warning of difficult times for his followers,   A sharp contrast to previous 9 verses.   Those rewards are worth the suffering to come.   I encourage people to contemplate to appreciate Reading these Scriptures in your Bible makes the message personal, the message means more when we read from GOD’S SACRED PRONOUNCEMENTS..More from the sermon on the Mount tomorrow.. Gape love  Terry.

The 2nd prophecy concerning Jesus as the Messiah is found in Genesis  9:26. This is a very important  1st step in the geneology  of of Jesus. Like any geneology it proves who we are and our history.  Whose history is more important thanJESUS. ?  Now for the fulfillment  scriptures…..Luke  3:23 complete geneology of Jesus of Mary’s husband Joseph.    SHEM in geneology verse 3:36…then.Matthew 1:1-18..the geneology on his mothers side  MARY