For more than 150 years, The Bible’s credibility has been the victim of a concerted effort from various sources.  Creating doubts al the way to contempt.   Yet millions of people recognize a need for spirituality. That  Need is a natural and fundamental part of our nature as Human Beings losing sight of this essential characteristic, Exposes us to secularism.   By this, I mean other sources of things not spiritual.   Promoting the rise of materialism and,  entertainment beyond a balance in our lives. The fast pace of modern life, the high cost of the necessities in life.  The complications and The increase of violence,   well I could go on and on.  But you know what these things.., are doing to society and it’s full spectrum. It sounds to simple to say that the Bible can solve these problems.  Starting with yourself is a chance to give the teachings of Jesus a look,, not an emotional experience, but rather a thoughtful examination of what he taught to the crowds From which many disciples became his students and followers. That’s when the emotions kick in, Joy, Peace and many more.

That is what Bible reading does for us.  GOD inspired righteous men to write 66 books for over 1500. years, carrying more than 280  prophecies about Jesus, many of which have been fulfilled.




The sermon on the mount

Today we begin reading at Matthew 5:12..

Rejoice you and be glad, because your reward is great in the kingdom.for thus did they persecute the prophets who werw before you

Matthew 5:13….You are the salt of the  earth, but if the salt loses its strength, in what shall it be used?  for nothing it is good, except to be cast out and be trodden down by man.

Matthew are the  light of the  world a city set, upon a mountain is not able to be hid.

Matthew 5:14….Nor do you light a lamp and put it under a basket, but put on a lampstand , and it shines on everyone in the house.

We see how easy it is to understand these words of Jesus.   There were no scholars that jesus called on to explain what Jesus said There were no clergy standing by to collect money from the crowd standing by.  His words were understood then, they are understood now.  Daily Bible reading will help  us see that its JESUS the Great Teacher speaking to us,  You do not need others that are not the Great teacher.

Christian personalities a4e developed over Time  personal effort,  Bible , Prayer.  This  web site is one way to cultivate interest in Jesus as our teacher from GOD his Father.  This is what he told Pilot,  ” I came to bear witness to the truth “…. His  witness  (words) are still being spoken from the Bible…

More of His fabulous Sermon on the mount, tomorrow.    agape  Terry

The BIBLE prophesies of. JESUS CHRIST ,

  • The following scripture is the 1st  Prophesy in the Bible concerning  Jesus ,, Genesis:3:15.  ….The following scriptures  are  the fulfillment  scriptures….Isaiah:35:4 ….Isaiah..43:11….Hebrews 10:31 NEXT GROUP.  Genesis 22:17…James 4:4 ….Jude 1:9….Revelation 12:7….Revelation12:17…NEXT GROUP…Ezekiel 28:14….Revelation 12::9….NEXT GROUP. ?..Isaiah 545….Galations 4:26…Revelation:1….NEXT GROUP….Matthew 23:33….John 8:44….1st John 3:10….NEXT GROUP….Genesis 22:18. &Genesis 49:10….Galations 3:16 & galations Galations 3:29…Next one John 18:37…Next one…Revelation 20:2. Revelation 20:10….NEXT ONE….Hebrews 2:14. ?..Next GROUO….Micah 5:1& Matthew 27 50….LAST GROUP…Acts 3:15….phillipans2:8=ENOUGH FOR NOW……Why so many ?  Proof…Proof…The grouping follows each part of  GENESIS 3:15 .Prophecy.  In sequence.   This was written

over many centuries so as to show it was  from GOD. Who lives forever and notnot just one person during a Human life time.  This is alot  at one time.  1or2  scripture from each group is usually sufficent..Other prophesies will be shorter…agape love Terry.

Continuing our reading from matthew 5:7 The sermon on the Mount.

Matthew5:7 Happy the KIND….Matthew5:8  Happy the clean in HEART….Matthew5:9  Happy the peace makers….Matthew5:10..Happy those persecuted for righteousness  sake….These are teasers I know,  WHY?.  Gods. Sacred pronouncements  teach us, throughh  his  son   Jesus  NOT ME……Personal Bible reading is a must  How else can weShow GOD  we are keenly interested?     Tomorrow  more from , the teaching of JESUS.

Prophecies of JESUS CHRIST and fulfillments

The Old Testament (Hebrew )  Scriptures, contain 280 prophecies of the Messiah Jesus that are fulfilled in the New Testament (Greek ) Scripturs.  Many people are unaware of this historic and unparalled record in there own Bibles.  starting  6/17/17  three prophesies per daywill be presented with scripture  references, in  old and new testaments  No  other histotical record of this nature, is known in secular or religious writings.   Fascinating knowledge awaits all who are inclined to want to know about our LORD  JESUS CHRIST.  agape love fellow Bible students.

Welcome to my website. This site is about the teachings of Jesus Christ.

With a different approach.   Not adoctrinal teaching site, but rather aget acquainted with the words of Jesus,site without interpretation.   each day new scripture s will be presented unfiltered or edited.  time is neede d too meditate on His word’s.   at apace conducive to appreciate , the benefits that contemplating  can bring.  the Scriptures will range from one or more to complete Hs thought and sence of it  Yes its different , not the frantic pace of modern life  agape love  Terry